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Queen Afua Wellness Institute



The virtual EXPERIENCE

Friday, Jan 8th -

Sun, Jan 10th, 2021

Ascension is a 3-day cultural extravaganza that features drama, dance, fashion, live music, motivational talks and virtual vendors, as we welcome Sacred Women, Wellness Warriors and Wellness Practitioners into the City Of Wellness.


Virtual Experience Includes
- Cultural Events & Speakers
- Performances
- Economic Empowerment Panel
- Womb Yoga Dance Workshop with Queen Afua
- Sister Circle Live
-  Digital Expo Showcasing Various Businesses within the Community
- Live Chatting with Attendees

FRIDAY, JAN 8, 2021

Welcome Reception

Come meet and network with men and women from around the world and browse all of the amazing businesses within our marketplace. 


QAWI Open House & Certificate Ceremony

Come meet Queen Afua, Queen Esther and the QAWI Community. There will be ancestral rituals, creative cultural expression and a certificate ceremony for the SWIM (Sacred Women in the Making), Emerald Green Practitioners, Sacred Woman  Practitioners and MHT Wellness Warrior training programs.


Manifesting Your Vision

Queen Afua alongside filmmakers, Robert & Akhmerit from Tehuti Films will host a conversation about their journey to manifest Sacred Woman, a 7-part documentary series that highlights the creation, power and impact of the literary classic, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit. Attendees will learn ways to manifest their visions for the new year.

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A panel of experts share a wealth of knowledge and practical steps for achieving success in the business of wellness. Topics will include corporate structuring, branding, authority positioning, sales, financial management and social media marketing.


During this Rites Of Passage ceremony, guided by Prime Minister Of Wellness, OG Medicine Man Supa Nova Slom and MHTS Program Director, Halleluyah Walcott, we will bear witness to 15 men ascending into their full majesty and becoming Wellness Warriors. They will share their personal journeys of transformation and receive a powerful spiritual charge from the Healing Juggernauts, the Sacred Woman Community and The Queen’s themselves.

SUNDAY, JAN 9, 2021

Participate in a Womb Yoga Dance experience with Queen Afua as leads you through the 69 womb yoga poses and 39 womb healing movements that includes intensive breath work, visualization meditation therapy and womb healing inversion therapy.

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The Sacred Circle

Queen Afua hosts a special presentation of her popular IG show featuring Sacred Women who will share their personal stories of healing and transformation based on the 12 Gateways in the Sacred Woman Book.


Sacred Woman Ascension

Come witness a cultural extravaganza as Queen Afua, Queen Esther, Sacred Woman In The Making, Sacred Woman Alumni and The Muts present ancestral rituals, womb yoga dance, artistic expression, wellness marketplace, regalia showcase, motivational messages and a healing drama entitled “From Death To Resurrection”.



The virtual EXPERIENCE

Jan 8 -  Jan 10, 2021