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THURSDAY, FEB 17, 2022

Alumni Mixer {3:00pm]

Give hugs and take selfies as you reconnect and meet for the first time with your Sistars. Enjoy tonics and light hors d'oeuvre as Sacred Women arrive into Atlanta from their respective cities.

Location: Return To Royalty Banquet Hall


Rededication Ceremony {4:00pm}

Queen Afua, Queen Esther and QAWI Leadership lead a ceremony of ritual, music and community sharing as the Alumni are celebrated for their consistency and commitment, as well as challenged to rededicate themselves to being Ambassadors of Wellness. Location: Return To Royalty Banquet Hall


Meshkenet Spotlight [5:00pm]

Branding & Marketing Expert, Chris Kazi Rolle will lead a showcase of our Wellness-preneurs within the City Of Wellness community who are working with their Meshkenet. Location: Return To Royalty Banquet Hall


Economic Empowerment [5:30pm]

Alumni will get the opportunity to hear from Family Business Strategist + Investor, Ali 'The Great" Torain as he shares financial strategies for Economic Empowerment within the City Of Wellness community. Location: Return To Royalty Banquet Hall


Alumni Dinner [6:00pm]

Continue to deepen the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood as the convos and community building continue over a delicious vegan dinner catered by the world famous Soul Veg Restaurant. Location: Return To Royalty Banquet Hall


Welcome Reception Welcome Reception [3pm - 4pm]

Join us at Return To Royalty Banquet Hall for The Welcome Reception + Rehearsal where you'll connect with Queen Afua, Queen Esther, Sacred Woman Practitioner Trae, Brother Ali, Supa Nova, Halleluyah, Sister Quasheba, King Kazi, your Sacred Woman Mentors, Sacred Woman Alumnae, as well as, fellow SWIM. 

Certificate Presentation [4pm - 5pm]

After 12 weeks of exploring the gateways and living in the teachings and practices associated, we will celebrate and acknowledge your completion of the Sacred Woman Program and in a formal Certificate Presentation. 

Dinner + Discussion [5pm - 6pm]

Enjoy delicious vegan cuisine catered by the world famous Soul Veg Restaurant as your delve in deep discussion with your Sacred Sistars and Brothers. 

Gateway Groups + Rehearsal [7pm - 8pm]

Represent your gateway group and support your Sacred Sistars during a private Gateway Drama Rehearsal + Walkthrough with Queen Afua, Queen Esther + musical maestro Katriel. 

Meshkenet Marketplace [All Night Long]

Meet, network and support the businesses of Sacred Woman Alumnae in the Meshkenet Marketplace.


Water Purification Ceremony [4am - 7am ]

After the opening night of healing hugs and sacred selfies, you will have an early rise, board a charter bus at 4am and travel to the waters of Lake Lanier Island, where you'll participate in a tribute to the ancestors led by Queen Afua and Queen Esther.


Soul Sweat Experience [8am - 10 am]

At Spa Land you’ll be guided through a healing experience led by Queen Afua, Queen Easter, The Muts (Mothers of Sacred Women) and Sacred healing practitioners. The Experience will includes clay applications, healing tonics and varied sauna/steam room sessions


Man Heal Thyself Ascension Ceremony [5pm - 8pm]

During this Rites Of Passage ceremony, guided by Prime Minister Of Wellness, OG Medicine Man Supa Nova Slom and MHTS Program Director, Halleluyah Walcott, we will bear witness to our initiates ascending into their full majesty and becoming Wellness Warriors. They will share their personal journeys of transformation and receive a powerful spiritual charge from the Healing Juggernauts, the Sacred Woman Community and The Queen’s themselves.


Womb Yoga Dance™ [7am - 8am]

Participate in a Womb Yoga Dance experience with Queen Afua as she leads you through the 69 womb yoga poses and 39 womb healing movements that includes intensive breath work, visualization meditation therapy and womb healing inversion therapy. 


ARITU Mediation CoEd [8am - 9am]

Queen Afua will lead a co-ed mediation that will focus on a vision of healed family, booming businesses and a strong global community where men and women live in peace, love and harmony. 


From Death To Resurrection [3pm - 6pm]

Under the creative direction of Queen Afua, you'll perform alongside your fellow SWIM in From Death To Resurrection, a healing drama born out of the gateway that connects to the challenge that you are seeking to overcome. 


Farewell Dinner [6pm - 8pm]

To close out the evening weekend, we will feast on our final dinner and give goodbye hugs before leaving the sacred gathering to journey home. You can also introduce your friends and family to Queen Afua, take photos with her and get your books autographed. 


Los Angeles


FRIDAY, AUG 11 - SUN, AUG 13, 2023


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